Lovely Makeup – Shimmery Eyeshadow Look Ideas

It can be tough to decide on the right eyeshadow and put it on properly. Oftentimes, women don’t understand – for instance – the pluses and minuses regarding liquid eye color and powder eye color, or they simply don’t know which color to use to compliment their eyes.

Luckily, these seemingly insurmountable problems do not need to be so complicated. Picking out the right type of eyeshadow and the right color to accent your eyes’ natural radiance is simple if you follow some basic steps.

If you’re not sure about shimmery eyeshadow as opposed to creamy eye coloring, keep in mind that shimmery colors look less natural than matte, and matte hues can be combined for a look that blends less artificially. For day-to-day wear and newcomers to the eyeshadow world, it is better to stay away from shimmery shades.

Flat, creamy eyeshadow is dynamic, because it is suitable for daily activities as well as being a good base for experimenting with an alluring, charcoal effect. Eye colors in powder form are simple to apply, particularly when used with a with a thin, lightweight brush, and they come in shimmery and flat hues.

Simple shades that match skin tones, like amber, ash and coal, are often good tints to pick out. Neutral colors such as these are suitable for daily use, and they can also be applied more heavily for dressier nighttime events.

That is not to say that more vibrant hues, like purple, cerulean and emerald cannot be used by individuals who like to highlight their clothing or eyes. The best bet is to select an eye color that matches your coloring.

For instance, darker shades of eye tints on darker people are preferable to light eye tints, as the light color may appear unnatural. Pale and neutral tones are usually the most suitable option for fair skin.

Eye coloring can be used to adjust the entire appearance of your baby blues, too. For an appearance of large, pretty eyes use dark shades, like sienna, blended on the lid, or for a sensual, mysterious effect experiment with inkier tones.

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